Before using our API, please read this page.


We study the e-commerce and the logistic industry everyday in order to optimize the supply chain process and making it easier for our clients .

Transiteo API is the easiest way to integrate our solutions, services, systems into your system.

The transiteo API allows developers to build applications that interface with the transiteo web services. The API can be used to automate many tasks including :

  • Find the good HS Code thanks to our A.I on any product (Description, title, barcodes, ...)

  • Calculate the duty & taxes (landed cost) from & to 198 countries

  • Generate Custom documents .(CN23, Cross Border commercial invoice, ...)

  • Get taxes rates (Duties, Locals Taxes, Specials Taxes, SalesTax, ...)

  • ...


The endpoints are located at:

We can develop customized API for you. Just contact us via live chat or at

To get your Access tokens to call API

Plan a call with a transiteo team member - click here - for creating an API transiteo account.

When you will receive your access codes, you will have to log in to the transiteo web application : To run API, you have to get tokens. The tokens are available when you subscribe to a plan. To request the transiteo API, you need your id_token. There are 2 ways to get it. 1. From the platform, go this page : or via the main menu : Parameters.

2. From API, go this page : Authentification API

For security, the id_token is available 1 hour. Don't forget to refresh it every hour.

Setup / Subscriptions / Consumption

About API setup, subscription and consumption. Please contact :

POSTMAN Collection (Update 28/04/22)

You can download the POSTMAN API Collection. It's a JSON file that you could import in Postman.

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